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The magically gifted Zorkenhumulschmunks are a strange people with strange motives. They are members of the Nee legion, though only time will tell if they will remain so.



Zorkenhumulschmunks are one of the most recognizable races in Fubadubia in terms of appearance. They are simply black spheres with faces. Male Zorkenhumulschmunks have two eyes, a mouth and a unibrow, while females have two eyes, a mouth and somewhat rosy cheeks. Zorkenhumulschmunks are the undisputed kings of telekinesis, able to use their minds to replicate hands and feet. Thus, they are able to float in midair, though flying is too much of a challenge for them mentally.


A Zorkenhumulschmunks often carries a staff with him. This staff is said to amplify his magic power. Some believe that Zorkenhumulschmunks magic is in their minds, not in chants or hand gestures. If this is true, then Zorkenhumulschmunks minds may well be the most advanced and most expansive minds in Fubadubia.


All Zorkenhumulschmunks have one common trait; they want to know about themselves. They want to know how they came to be, what their purpose is, why they look like they do. They are great philosophers in that respect, they're always challenging themselves and contemplating their own questions.

As to how Zorkenhumulschmunks mate is a mystery. They never share any information regarding the subject, remaining elusive and mysterious. Many believe they mate mentally and lay eggs, though this is a very abstract concept and nobody's sure it's even possible.


Zorkenhumulschmunks live in Schmunxia (their capital city), located in the crystal caves.

Notable Zorkenhumulschmunks[]

Zorken T.Humulschmunks: He's so important, he needs his own article.