Constructed Mythology

The spiritual leader of the kingdom of Kridea. (The Three kingdoms war period)


Dark hair and dark eyes with a bit of a middle eastern look. Medium height.

Allies and Enemies[]

He was a principal enemy of the Haram as well as the Kingdom of Katar.


Well known in Kridea as the man who lost the war. He was very influential and quite knowledgeable. Zahid was born in southern Kridea, and grew up with a respectable family. At the age of 20 he disappeared and was found preaching to a fanatical group of men. He told the people that The other two kingdoms were weak and disorganized, and that the power of justice would bring down their wrath upon their enemies. So great was his influence that many partied in celebration, as if they had already won. He held rallies in public places and brought many close to the verge of rioting and attempting to attack any of Haram or Katarian lineage. Many were burnt "in the name of justice".

Haram invaded and the rest is history.

Aftermath: He survived the conquest, but was lynched by former followers before the Haram authorities could get to him. Despite misleading his people, he was a brilliant man who had published several books with revolutionary theories in magics and physics. Most of the books were burned in the war, but there are still a couple of his works floating along, mostly in the hands of rich collectors.


"May justice be done upon those who would avoid it!"

"In the name of justice shall they fall, and under it shall they rise again under our all mighty gaze! We shall smite those that stand in our way and bring victory to the people of Kridea! FOR JUSTICE!"