Constructed Mythology

Yvannea is a magical and mysterious hovering world. The world is divided into three hovering continents: Alcuvidia, the topmost hovering continent and the land of the deities; Ramaguya, the middle continent and the mortal continent; and Kristalles, the lowermost continent and the most mysterious land of them all.



The continent of Alcuvidia is the land of the gods. It is also the highest and largest of the continents. The continent is shrouded in a very thick mist and also very thick clouds that make it almost as if Yvannea only has two continents. The continent of Alcuvidia is divided into different sections or smaller realms:

  • Realm of Light - This is where the goddess of the sky, justice and light lives, Anima. She lives on a floating castle along with smaller ones that guards the main castle.
  • Realm of Life - This is where the god of nature, agriculture, harvest and fertility lives, Prudd.
  • Realm of the Forgotten - This is where the goddess of darkness, magic and memory lives, Myanna. This realm is hidden under the continent which makes it forgotten, hence the name.
  • Realm of Chaos - This is where the god of discord, war, suffering and strife lives, Garuma.
  • Realm of Water - This is where the goddess of the sea, waters and sea creatures live, Sruth.