Constructed Mythology

Yulan is the one and only city to be found in Duskania. Full of thousands of forges and smelters, Yulan was built for the purpose of mining, processing and shipping tons of Ore north to the Empire. Unfortunately for its Imperial creators, the land held little ore and the legends from the Time of the Goblin empire were proved false. The Haram held onto the land for another 15 years until Duskania was excommunicated from the Empire. The Duskan have adopted the City and even have Clans take turns guarding it and living there.


During the Haram occupation: 10,000 during Duskan rule: 400-1,000


During the Haram occupation: a Governor - During Duskan rule: Clan chiefs

Special features[]

Yulan was designed specifically to combat its environment. Its Walls have barriers behind in an attempt to combat dust storms and high winds, while the ground below the streets is honeycombed with water tunnels feeding from an underground lake. These make it a precious location for the Duskan.

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