Constructed Mythology

Yafranada is a realm that was once clouded in darkness. The Dark One, Darkoron, caused this, and "locked" Radaron in his volcano. The Great Wars of Yafranada started when he created Darkness the dragon. She led Darkoron's evil armies and comanded the strongest Cyprus in the realms.


Yafranada was created by a great Phoenix named Radaron (rad-uh-ron), and is believed to live within the magma chamber of Mt. Horluk, a volcano that has a mysterious entrance at its side that leads to the magma chamber.


The lizardmen beleive in Yuindarak,god of the skies,Iuinasha,goddess of nature,Asharl,god of the land,Garaj,god of darkness,Inishi,godess of light and Dafaran,God of the sea,but the tigermen and humans are christian.The centaurs really aren't of any real religion.


An over whelming amount of beasts live in this realm.It is hope to flappas,unicorns,pegasus,centaur,dragons,ravyrns,gryphons(or griffins),Plesiosaurs,Cyprus,Iquns,the hydra and Iqulans.


There are many regions in this realm.A few regions are the Sea Region,the Igonia Region(full of cyprus and centaurs),Twilight Region(unicorns and dragons),Sky region(Pegasus,gryphons and ravyrns),the Swamps(flappas and iqulans),the rainforests(lizardmen and tigermen...and iqulans+dragons) and the unknown region(home to only beasts and humans).

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