Constructed Mythology

Xluŋtlyŋ is an island which lies in the middle of Microtalassia. It is surrounded by active volcanoes continuosly throwing ash and lava into the sea and is thus hardly accesible by ship. It is also completely inaccesible by plane as the volcanoes throw ash which is not safe to fly through.


It is, cum supra demonstravimus, surrounded by volcanoes active volcanoes. There is another volcano in the middle of Xluŋtlyŋ, but that volcano is not active anymore. People who have reached the island do not dare to attempt to escape it due to fright for the active volcanoes around it. The climate is affected by the sea which keeps temperatures stable while giving rain in summer and, in winter, lots of snow and hail, with many storms.


The people on Xluŋtlyŋ are humans but have not been in contact with people from elsewhere after they got isolated. They speak some Austronesian language although it is in some state of decay, the volcanoes and the thunderstorms make noise which have made of speaking a difficult activity if one wants to be heard at the times where there is most noise. Therefore the people have evolved a sign language called Nifim wa pum.


Their religion, Nanon wen fin is very different from occidental religions on the Earth, but basically they believe that the volcanoes are gods and sometimes appear on the island disguissed as humans and thus they have strict rules about respecting each other as they are afraid of doing something bad to a god who could then punish the whole population of the island with bad weather.

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  • "Cum supra demonstravimus" is an expression abused by Iulius Cæsar, "as we have showed above", actually, the plural "we" was one of his many tricks to make a subjective work look objective.
  • Sorry, I actually speak no Austronesian language at all so I do not know what "Nifim wa pum" looks like.