Constructed Mythology

Xandricionar Maeronas Maelates IV, aslo known as Xandric Maelates, (born Sept. 7, 943), is the current Chief General of the Dieberan Army in Dieber.


Xandricionar Maelates IV was born to the late Xandricionar Maelates IV and Sela Avenko, both retired school teachers of Sind, Metonus at Kandarlon. He is married to the former Faela Cornfall from Orenum, a retired military nurse, and blessed with two sons, Colonel Xandricionar Maelates V and Adolfo Hertford Maelates, Visoran of Rugia, Beolothor.

Military Career[]

He graduated in the Imperial Kandarlon Academy in 963 and immediately brevetted 2nd lieutenant in the Army to be stationed in Volinon Island. After three years in service, he was promoted into Captain and given administrative post in the borders of the Empire.

In 978, he resigned in service after he was suspected of conspiracy towards the Dokarean Council and left the country. He went to Dieber to be military professor but instead he was enlisted in its regular army and became a commander of one of its Army Corps.He was sent to every mission abroad as well as many administrative position at Dieber. He was promoted to colonel while studying at the State Academy. He then became secretary of the 5th army division based at the west of the country.

He was then raised to Brigadier and given command of the 11th Army divison, which was based at south of Dieber in 978. There they became responsible in guarding its ports against the pirates which infested it as well as storm relief operations. He was raised into Major General in 986 and was given the Northern Army which was responsible holding the Northern Borders as well as repelling marauding tribes that are independent from Frebe. In 984, he join the staff of General Luffen Hostoe where he was promoted to Lieutenant General as well as he was made into Army's Chief of Intelligence. He made progress in making the communication between armies efficient and fast.

He was then named Chief General on Dec. 9, 1000 with the rank of full-ranked general.