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Wumpadumps are hardy creatures, preffering cold, sometimes harsh climates to warm ones. They are distant cousins to the Fubadubs, though how they came about is a mystery. Even stranger is their hatred for the Fubadubs, possibly a result of some ancient squabble between the two races.

Wumpadump tactician


Wumpadumps are usually pink, purple, white and even sometimes orange. They are covered completely in a thick layer of wool, which gives them a harmless, puffball look. Only their eyes are visible, as the wool does not grow around them. Wumpadumps have no legs, but instead bounce along the ground quickly. In fact, they can bounce very high as well. Wumpadumps are excellent scouts, as their jumping ability makes them quick and effective in nearly any terrain. Wumpadumps also sometimes have visible eyebrows. Wumpadumps are one of the hardest races to tell apart when it comes to gender. Usually, males are a darker pink than females and have lower voices, though this is not always the case.


Wumpadumps don't have a lot of culture to share, though they are renowned as wonderful architects. Wumpadumps tame Gidsen to use as mounts, pack animals and many other things. In fact, much of Wumpadump society revolves around having these animals around. They have so many practical uses, the Wumpadumps have a national holiday every year called Gidsen day, where they honor their furry friends.


Wumpadumps are found mostly in the chillhills, on the southwest corner of the eastern continent.


There are many theories as to how the Wumpadumps were created. Some say they're offspring of Fubadub and Nee couples, though in modern times, the two races hate each-other, so it is hard to find evidence to support said theory.

Another theory is that they came to Fubadubia in a giant meteor, though this theory is probably the least logical of them all.

A third theory insists that Wumpadumps were created in a laboratory somewhere. Although it sounds unlikely, it's much likelier than the meteor theory.

Finally, some say that Wumpadumps really aren't related to Fubadubs and were made by the creator.

Notable Wumpadumps[]

King Floof: King of the Wumpadumps, Floof has been king for many years and is most likely going to give up the throne to an heir soon. He is quite wise and thanks to him, the Wumpadumps have become a prosperous people.

Gaaj Ruka: A famous Wumpadump, remembered for saving the Gragons from the Cro' tribe Mizinti. A hero among Wumpadumps and Gragons alike.