Constructed Mythology

Wraiths are a species in the World of the Hourglass. The living manifestations of black holes, it is said they are the result of a lost soul and the magical residue of a star's death combining. They dwell in the world of Syzygy, a realm accessed via black holes. The wraiths are creatures of shadow who seek to devour all light in the universe, and thus are allied with the Dark World, their favorite among the quintet of Fewdn worlds.


Wraiths are the embodiments of dead stars, living in the Starless dimension surrounding the Fewdn space. Despite being entities of darkness, many of their number are searing bright: they naturally attract and devour light, taking the luminosity for themselves. Most older wraiths have more light than most, as it gives them an increase in strength and size. One of the most powerful encountered in the series, Alba Candoriven, is described as being not unlike an enormous glowing statue, and if she was any larger, she could've been mistaken for the star. Younger and weaker wraiths typically resemble beings designed of pure shadow, having little to no light in their possession.

Syzygy is the prime dominion of the wraiths; it is an immense and eternal city located behind all black holes. It is a city formed of all shades of white, black, and grey, and covered in strange and eldritch spires and towers. Wires zip through the monochrome terrain, likened to silver veins or threads of spider silk. The sky is blank, resembling TV static. Beneath the dark city is a twisted underworld of "dead" rock and lifeless grey jungle. Very few light is found there, and thus it is where most weaker wraiths make their home. Long, black and flat tendrils, like cassette film strips, adorn the place.


Wraiths have existed for eons; as long as there are stars in the sky, there will be wraiths to counteract them. It is hinted that the wraiths stumbled upon Syzygy rather than outright create it like most believe so, and have been adding building upon building to house their population.


  • Alba Candoriven
  • Haa'shar
  • Parasol
  • Shade
  • Candlewick
  • Snuff
  • Coppola