Constructed Mythology

Witchkind, also called the Venefici, Virtuosos, and the Adepts, are a species that play a very important role in the World of the Hourglass. They are generally humans (or those with close human ancestry or origin) with the innate capacity to perform magic. Witches are different from the Enlightened, a term used to describe those who were granted magic via deals with interdimensional entities or who were taught the Craft by mentors.


Witches and their ilk have been around since the beginning of time. The Witch of Endor is found in the Bible; Greek mythology names two famous witches as Circe and Medea; witchcraft is a reoccurring motif found in many legends.

The Greeks believed witches and wizards performed magic due to some connection with a deity; for example, the Oracle of Delphi received her powers from the sun god Apollo. The Oracle, according to definition, is thus not considered a witch, but one of the Enlightened. Aforementioned witches Circe and Medea would be considered true witches due to being descended from the goddess Hecate; the two had innate ability rather than receiving it from Hecate herself.


Ozian Witches[]

The witches who are native to the Land of Oz are much different compared to the other forms of witches in the Hourglass universe. It is possible "witch" is nothing but a title, as Glinda (the Good Witch of the South) isn't a witch at all, but a faerie. The witches of Oz always fall into two categories based upon their morality: Good and Wicked, and the most powerful of their number are common to rule regions of Oz as the years go by. Currently, only four of these witches remain in Oz: Glinda, Locasta, Mombi, and Lazmaria.


Lamia, a villainous figure found in the series, is said to be a witch, but this has been a subject of debate. She was once human but cast aside her humanity in favor of being a monstrous child-eating creature. Zeus, her lover, granted Lamia the ability of prophecy, and this is the only magical ability she has demonstrated in the series so far. Her children, the Lamiae, are also described as witches, and follow the same principle as their mother.


The elements refer to the specific fundamental subdivision of the universe witches may have their strongest affinity for. The most common known elements are earth, fire, wind/air, and water, but these four may mix to form new ones, and there are other base elements outside of the most common four.