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Winker was a huge monster, created by the demon lord Azuncazunc. Although Winker was huge and deadly, he proved no match for The Chelaxos squad and was defeated.



Winker was unlike any other creature in Fubadubia. He was gargantuan in size, able to block out the sun with his massive girth. His body was pink and squishy, suggesting Winker was an invertebrate of some sort. He was shaped somewhat like a flat brain, with many tentacles dangling from underneath him. His large eyes were yellow and bright, always scanning the horizon.


Winker was given the ability to store living organisms within his body and utterly rid them of any virtue, kindness, honor or valor they may have. Using his tentacles, Winker could have captured thousands if it were not for The Chelaxos squad.


Winker's eyes were his weak point. The behemoth had no sense of smell, nor could he hear. Without his eyes, Winker was rendered useless.


Azuncazunc had recently been defeated once again by Zorken T.Humulschmunks, and was now hiding in the depths of the lower void. There, within the choking embrace of his own rage, Azuncazunc thought of the Chelgeebs. The demon lord had always been fascinated by their power. Eventually he had the idea of turning them into loyal minions that would do his bidding. Nobody knows how he created Winker, maybe he found him and kept him hidden for many years, but soon, the monstrosity was roaming the countryside, keeping an eye out for Chelgeebs to capture. Eventually, he came upon a carnival, where many Chelgeebs were gathered. The carnival was in fact, one of The Chelaxos squad's carnivals, and Winker came face to face with the startled group. Soon, the Chelgeebs were defending themselves against the brutal Winker. During the battle, it was Mathias who discovered how to defeat Winker. By attacking his eyes, The Chelaxos squad was able to blind the beast, leaving him totally vulnerable. Eventually, Winker fell under the onslaught and breathed his last breath. Fortunately, Winker had not captured many Chelgeebs, and those who had been captured were killed when Winker fell. This was still a painful blow to the Chelgeebs, who had never truly been attacked before. From that day forth, they have always been much more cautious around other races.

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