Constructed Mythology

Wilderwood is a magical forest, filled with strange beasts and races. It is approximately 57,914 square miles in area.


Wilderwood is around 57,914 square miles. This area is sprinkled with rivers, hills, and many other landmarks. To date, no one has suceeded in making a complete map of the region.


There are three races in the Wilderwood: Humans, Elves, and Goblins. It is rumored that Orcneas can be found in the darkest parts of the forest.


In recent years, a strange plague spread by cursed bats has struck the Humans of Wilderwood. Syptoms include pale skin, the growth of fangs, vulnerablility to sunlight, hunger for blood, and other strange things. The infected are called "vampires". As far as is known, the only way to kill a vampire is by either decapitation or driving a wooden stake through the heart. Sunlight will send a vampire into a coma.


Humans in this area are mainly Roman Catholics, as they are the descendants of humans from the Middle Ages. Elves worship a spirit they call Quel, and the Goblins worship the "Dark God" Rothel.


  • Vampire Bird