Constructed Mythology

Whyries are one species Kintaria's winged-horses. They have large feathered wings and a very gentle disposition.


A peaceful and elusive people, speaking mostly in whinnies, Whyries live in forests, often those surrounding mountain ranges. The Whyries are ruled by a monarchy headed by the lead stallion and his mare. However, this monarchy is not decided through familial relations. The lead stallion decides his own heir, who may or may not be his son, and the pair embark on the equivalent of an apprenticeship.


Whyries often bond with member of the elf clans, but that is only because of the elves proximity to their home ranges. Whryies will bond with almost any humanoid creatures if given the chance.


Whyries are gifted in the power of flight due to hollow bone-structure and large wings.


The Whyrie Pegasus is said to be the father of all Whyries.

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