Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The fairy has heard your prayers, and she has come to save you.

Now you are free and save, at least that is what you think. The fairy looks furious. All the animals fo the forest cry and flee as the fairy close to you. But do not worry, she still likes you.

Fairy: Be more careful next time. These lands are fillen with spirits of any kind, from divine horses that will try to make you their eternal rider from evil demonish wizard who will try to kill you. Now you will have to obey me, I hope. As punishment, I will make your head the one of the bull

She blows over you a terrible flame that turns your head in the one of a bull, and now all your thoughts are thes one of a bovine animal. You even begin to eat grass.

Fairy: Look, I really hope you will obey this time. Please tell me that you will obey me on everything I wish

Will you try to obey the fairy this time?

  • Yes
  • No