Constructed Mythology

Watikah Cahaya is a world, nearly similar to earth. It was more like a peninsula than a world. It is divided into three parts, the first part is a peninsula consists of three kingdom, an island that is divided into two kingdom and an archipelago that is counquered by only one kingdom. It is consisted of varieties of races, tradition and species of flora and fauna. Most of Watikah Cahaya's architecture and culture are based of Javanese culture.


Watikah Cahaya was originally a plain deserted world. Then, the goddess Cahaya came because she ran away from her family. She nourished the plain deserted world with water and then created some continents. So, this is a watikah (means letter in english) for her family. She created humans and taught them by herself. But her father came and bring her to home so the humans live by themself since today.




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