Constructed Mythology

The Water Leaf is an imporant type of leaf. It had enough water to quinch anyone's thirst.


The seed was thrown by a man with Purple Hands the seed grew into a small leaf. The Water Leaf could flood anything. It was thought to be has bad as the Fire Sword. It was taken by magicans to Flooded Peak and used it and magicly sealed it.


Flooded Peak of the Grand Slam Moutains

Zang's Curse[]

An evil magican used a spell to curse both the Fire Sword and the Water Leaf, so if they met the old Temple of Darkness would rise from the center of the Earth and the owner of the two; would rule the world. After his spell was aquired The Drahon Riders took the Fire Sword and re-hid it and again doulbe sealed on Fire Moutian (now Fire Loft). While the Elves took the Water Leaf and triple sealed in the Flooded Peak (Now Flooded Dessert)