Constructed Mythology

Petrov Vohua was a fairly powerful, and wicked, pervussian (from Pervussia, a snowy, large pocket dimension) sorcerer and necromancer during the early 8th age, had even gone so far as ruling a small village.

However, when he was about sixty he managed to, through various immoral ways not best discussed her, conjure a portal between him and an upper prosperity demon Gelato.

It was during this summoning that he wished for a lifetime of fortune, power and immortality (as most his type do) in exchange for his hands. However, things went awry in mid-transaction (a dangerous time) when his house got raided by law-enforcing mages (he had apparently stolen several souls to get the necessary equipment for the summering).

During the struggle, Vohura got ripped into the other-worldly portal, which usually turns one into little more then electrified flesh. However, by a freak coincidence, the portal was forcefully closed, expelling Vohura, in out, in a matter of speaking. For Vohura’s rage and the hiatuses zones unknown powers had mutated him into a wraith like creature, able to expel disintegrating energy from his now clawed hands, become age immortal and, later, teleport. Vohura quickly, and all too easily, destroyed his pursuers, before fleeing further north.

He was not seen until over 30 years later, as a warlord. He has been a menace to free villages ever since.

Although he has joined The Six , it is unclear what his motives are (being of human birth and since shunning riches).