Constructed Mythology

Vessan in full armor, though without his shield.

Vessan was Stak's childhood friend. Known affectionately as "Armordude" by Kaile's creators, because I didn't settle on a name for him for quite a while.

Fighting Style[]

Ves is fairly weak in terms of magical strength. He does not use any elemental magic, favoring its pure form. On top of this, he rarely uses magic directly to attack. His main strategy is to materialize a suit of incredibly strong and quite flexible armor from magic, which takes the form of metal. He also creates a shield from pure magic, though he rarely bothers to make it appear in clear physical form. Between these two abilities, he has a very strong defense. His attack ability is not nearly as strong. He relies on his sword and some minor magical skills focusing on it. His swordsmanship is excellent, but that doesn't mean much against a mage. Without this sword, though, he cannot form his armor, as he uses the sword's metal for reference as he makes it.