Constructed Mythology

Disambiguation: This article is about the Vashcess realm by User:Shadowlight. For the Vashcess realm by User:Eanlav, see Vashcess

Vashcess or Seye its old native name is an island country said to be existing in the east pacific. it is 23,5000 mile away from the equator. it has a land area of 879 per sq.metre. there are four main city: Ethsua (Eh-Toa),Heilguith (hYal-gait),Nianu (I-nu)and Esia (Ae-a).Vashcess Isle


It is an isle of Ma-i or Philippines (as we call it today) but was separated by the submerging on some part that connects it to philippines. later it is decided that it will be given a free will of being an independent isle country. Lady ashna


kU-inui, the ist leader of the Vashians but he was not very successful of governing the country projects are not well planned, people were starving,and the facilities were very out of technology( not scienttific). He was asked by the people to resign so they could find another leader; he did refuse to go down fron that position that causes more than 300 deaths of civilians during the commotion in the HCJ higher court of justice.


There are five seasons in Vashcess: Spring , Summer, Autumn, Winter and Shades. It is characterized by a dark sky with rain clouds, but this is rare season. Sometimes it exists, and sometimes not. The country is also famous for their sunflower fields which attracts many tourists. Sunflowers are in demand during the Spring and Summer.