Constructed Mythology

Island Kingdom of Vashcess or Vaschess is a monarchical island state of Tighearnachs in Darathorne. The island nation situated at the most western country in Darathorne. Storms and typhoons are common in this region. Its capital is Amalias and its current King is Basir XV of the Strongbow Dynasty.


Vashcess can be divided into five geographical regions: the east coast,the north mountain range, the central highlands, the west coast, and the southwest. The highest elevations parallel the east coast, whereas the land slopes more gradually to the west coast.

The east coast consists of a narrow band of lowlands, about one kilometer wide, while the central highlands contain a wide variety of topographies: rounded and eroded hills, massive granite outcrops, extinct volcanoes, eroded plains, and alluvial plains and marshes, which have been converted into irrigated fields. The west coast, composed of sedimentary formations deposited in several layers over time, is more indented than the east coast, especially in the northwest, thus offering a number of fine harbors sheltered from cyclones. The north mountain range and the southwest coast are the deserts of the islands.

The country is divided into five provinces or sarlos with their capital cities:

  • Anosy - Vitre
  • Trayon - Lannar
  • Saruphon - Syene
  • Gerza - Maghara
  • Amalias - Amalias


All Tighearnachs worship and serve the Sun God Cadoc, but all each nation of Tighearnachs has its own patron demigod who is a child of the sun god himself.

The Island kingdom of Vashcess' patron demigoddess is Rajani the Avenger, maiden of the Sea and avenger of the Sun.


The king of Vashcess is the head of state and head of the ruling Royal House of Strongbow. He is the absolute authority all over the island and command the Vashcess Royal Army, the islands armed forces.

He is assisted by the Island Assembly, which is composed of king's favorites and appointed, in matters of politics and state affairs. He also appoints an Island Patrician, leader of the Island Assembly and his chief minister.

The sarlos are governed by Saran, the highest civilian and military authority appointed by the king. He is responsible for taxation and financial management, had the sole right to impose capital punishment where capital cases were normally tried before him, supposed to travel across his province to administer justice in the major towns where his attention was required, collect the taxes and revenues for the state and finally, and most importantly, he commanded the military forces within his territory.

After the sarlo, each of this province is divided into City/Town Council who are responsible in governing a city or town. The members of the council who ruled each town and cities are usually elected by the people and is approved by the Saran.