Constructed Mythology

βάρδια ενότητας

Vardia Enotitus

(Guardians of Equality)


"Gnôthi seautón." - Know thyself.

"Kaì gàr hoîs állo mēdén, aútē paréstē." - When all is gone, there is still hope.

"Hōs en állōi kósmōi." - [You act] as if in another world.




Lysandra Deumos


There is too much conflict upon the factors needed for a 'master race'. Some claim the gods are, some claim the demigods are, and some claim the mortals are. The world is just prejudice and unconfident. Nevermore. We work towards one thing : equality. Demigods, gods, mortals, and all other races, are of equal position. No matter whether if they're Greek, Celtic, or Roman, children of the big three or minor gods. We are all equal, but we all have our own qualities that differ us from one another. We will fight to get equated with the all of the other races, including the gods. We will also work with mortals to get their stance equal to ours. We all have our advantages, whether they're in personality or powers. We must rise, work together, and get the positions of power to a balance.