Constructed Mythology

Unicorns are horses with horns spiraling from the middle of their foreheads. Kintarian Unicorns look exactly like your basic unicorn except that they tend to come in more colors and are telepathic.


Unicorns live in large family groups called herds. Herds usually have a territory and a ruling pair. One member of this pair is usually related to the last ruling pair. There are cases of only one Unicorn ruling a herd, but that only happens if a)the Unicorn has not Bonded or b)the Bond has died. Unlike most hereditary monarchies Unicorns don't really care about the gender of their leader as Unicorns generally choose their own genders in the first place.


Bonds are something of a telepathic link between a pair of creatures. Unicorns, Fairies, Elves, and those who reside in the Divine Realms are the only creatures who can see a bond in a physical sense. Bonds are unbreakable and are treated, among Unicorns, as a marriage contract. This can apply in cases such as the Unicorn Speaker and his or her Unicorn Bond even though a true coupling between the two is impossible. Bonds usually happen without the active consent of either party.


  • Telepathic Speech
  • Ability to see Bonds physically
  • Their horns can purify air and water
  • The can sense poison
  • Can save lives
  • Levitation (Only in some)

Unicorn Speaker[]

As Unicorns communicate telepathically they require someone to speak for them outside of the herds. This creature is usually referred to as "The Unicorn Speaker" or just "Speaker." Speakers are generally careful not to show any special affinity toward one herd over another despite usually being Bonded to a Unicorn.


  • Communicate on behalf of the Unicorns with other species
  • Act as moderator in arguments or debates between herds
  • Train a new Speaker toward the end of his or her life

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