Constructed Mythology
Fubadub Allies
Fubadubs, Turkys, Gragons, Kombadombbbs, Ello, Fubadub Crows
Nee Legion
Nee, Squirrels, Wumpadumps, Black Sheep, Camaki, Zorkenhumulschmunks
Third Party
Mongosse, Chipmunk, Skant, Mizinti, Govoki, Undead Ello
Azuncian Alliance
Azuncians, Soul Harvesters, Monstrosidoodles

This peculiar race came about as a result of the great Elor massacre, where the Red Skeletons wiped out a brave but outnumbered city of Ello who were trying to protect their homes. Soon after the incident, explorers claimed to have seen Ello in the area once again, seemingly shambling around aimlessly. These strange Ello were soon identified as undead, much to the horror of many. Even stranger, they seemed to have minds of their own. Soon, the undead Ello joined the third party alliance, which came as a major shock to the Fubadub allies.

Undead Ello


Undead Ello have blue or pink skin, though their skin pigment is quite dull and grey as well. Drawn taut across their bodies, their skin is quite dry and chapped in many places. Their single eyes are empty sockets with red flames floating inside, acting as eyeballs.


Undead Ello culture is much like Ello culture, with dark, sadistic and gloomy undertones. Instead of an ocean speaker, undead Ello have an Executioner, who can apparently communicate with the spirits of long dead aquatic creatures. Naturally, Undead Ello do not fear death, making them able warriors. However, they are somewhat fragile and cannot take much of a beating before their dusty bones break.


Undead Ello have made their home in the upper void, living alongside the Govoki. The two races have much to learn from each-other, being almost complete opposites.

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