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Turkys are Known as the tasty allies of the Fubadubs. While eating Turkys is now against the law, they still feel threatened by nearly every other race.



The origin of the Turkys is well known. For more information, go to the pantheon section and look at the description of Superturky.


Turkys are usually short, standing at about the same height as a normal Fubadub. Turkys however have necks, so their heads are not their entire body. Turkys tend to be round, with long necks and skinny legs. They have about 8 large feathers jutting out from their backside but are otherwise featherless. They have yellow beaks and small, beady eyes. They have neither arms nor wings, so like the Fubadubs, they are able to lift objects using their minds. Their bare skin is usually a light brown colour. There is very little difference between male and female Turkys. However, one surefire way to find out is to offer them cake and ice cream. Male Turkys hate cake but love ice cream, while females loathe ice cream but adore cake.


Turkys can be found nearly anywhere, though their capital city lies in the Berry forest.


Turkys used to be powerful shamans, but they swore never to practice such things ever again after they let Turkiraptor loose.

Notable turkys[]

Superturky: more on him in the pantheon section

Brent Bluefeather: leader of the Bluefeather tribe of Turkys, Brent is mainly responsible for summoning Turkiraptor. Though he is an honorable Turky, the incident still weighs heavily upon his consience.

Rylan Redfeather: Leader of the Redfeather tribe, the largest tribe of Turkys. Rylan acts as Superturkys enforcer, upholding Turky law vigilantly.

Yumi Yellowfeather: Leader of the Yellowfeather tribe, the smallest tribe of Turkys. Yumi is in charge of trade between Turkys and other races. She's also in charge of agriculture. She is praised for being simply amazing at what she does. Thanks to her, Turkys rarely go hungry.

Gina Greenfeather: Leader of the Greenfeather tribe. Gina has the responsibility of maintaining alliances and learning of enemy plans.

Brock Blackfeather: Leader of the evil Blackfeather tribe, Brock encouraged his people to split from the other Turky tribes. Now, he and his band of thugs, ruffians and rogues causes endless problems for the Turkys.