Constructed Mythology

First Age[]

  • 885: The Elf Empire declares war on the Dwarf Empire, claiming the lands the dwarves call Germania.
  • 888: The elves successfully conquer the dwarven land of Germania.

Second Age[]

  • 264: The human Wu Liang is born. He becomes the future King of China.
  • 576: A Danish priest asks his congregation to begin exploring past Europa. They do so, and explore the colony of New Danemark (Outside: New York).
  • 800: The Kingdom of Kharazia is born (Outside: Ukraine)
  • 1000: Genghis Khan, King of Tartary, dies from his horse.
  • 1100s: The Artistic Renaissance begins.
  • 1229: The human girl Joan de Arc, claiming to be a soldier of the gods, is defeated and killed by Albionians during the Albion-Gaulia conflict.
  • 1292: The elf Elendil Columbias asks the Sicilian government to finance a journey to discover more of New Danemark. It fails.
  • 1297: The human Ardaroc Alexlas explores New Danemark for Albion. He discovers new lands and claims it all for Albion, naming it Alexias.
  • 1300: The Sicilians ask Elendil Columbias to explore south of Alexias and New Danemark. Elendil discovers what becomes known as Columbia. The airship is invented, by Isasa El'Vinja, an elf.
  • 1320s: Skraelings are killed out by diseases brought by humans in New Danemark.
  • 1389: The Albionians attack Castille. The Albion-Castille War begins.
  • 1393: China colonizes north of Alexias, calling it Aljeska.
  • 1404: The Albion-Castille War ends with Albionian victory. Albion orders Castille and Portugal not to make any more claims.
  • 1574: The colonies in Alexias meet to discuss a new way to gain independence. They are discovered by Albionian police, and killed.
  • 1581: James Putnam and Benedict Arnold hold a revolt in which they kill Council Chief North. King George III Hanover gives Alexias freedom.
  • 1583: James Putnam becomes King James I Putnam, the first (and only) King of Alexias (Outside: America).
  • 1584: Alexian Prime Minister Thomas Jefferson bans slavery, except by elf.
  • 1600: Albion, Caledon, and Wales form the Kingdom of Brytain.
  • 1611: The Brytish bombard the Kingdom of Alexias, and forces them to surrender. King James Putnam agrees to disunite the kingdom.
  • 1612: Napoleon I Bonaparte, King of Gaulia, is killed when attempting to invade Brytain. His son, Napoleon Bonaparte, signs a treaty paying Gaulia 60 million gold sovereigns in return for their "dignity and freedom."
  • 1622: The Columbian colonies begin revolting.
  • 1650: The Kingdom of Deseret is founded, gaining freedom from the Kingdom of Sonora.
  • 1681: There is an assassination attempt for Muskovian King Domav II Rumanov.
  • 1697: The zeppelin is invented.
  • 1714: An assassin, Genus Principe, is arrested for attempting to kill