Constructed Mythology

The Tigheanachs are huge feline creatures who live primarily on the continent Darathorne. Tighearnachs are large, muscular humanoids and feline in appearance, complete with black stripes, tail, fangs and claws. They stand anywhere from six and a half to seven feet tall and weigh anywhere from 400 to 500 pounds. Their immense bodies are covered with fine, short fur that ranges in color from black to gray to white to red to brown to tan and any mottled combination or variations thereof. They are the dominant race of the Solar Union, one of the major political faction in Adyr.

There main concentration is at the southern continent, Darathorne, although some enterprising tighearnachs have been trying for centuries to make a colony at the Desert Continent in the north and as the result, there are different thriving communities and colonies there.


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The tighearnachs worship the Sun God, Cadoc. They believe that he created their race in his own likeness and thus he favored them amongst his creations. He sent them his six beloved children to guide them and build the six founding nations of the tighearnachs.

  1. Maurus Thunderrunner - the messenger of the sun, ruler of Thunder and patron demigod of Jovan.
  2. Rajani the Avenger - the avenger of the sun, maiden of the Sea and patron demigoddess of Vashcess.
  3. Patras Firebringer - the herald of the sun, breather of Fire and patron demigod of Enver.
  4. Idril of Darkness - the mistress of the sun, queen of Underworld and patron demigoddess of Tartu.
  5. Aretas the Warrior - the general of the sun, warlord of the Land and patron demigod of Rhydderch.
  6. Syrian the Shape shifter - the minister of the sun, shifter of the Wind and patron demigod of Folco.

Naming Convention[]

The Tighearnachs are known to revere and honor their ancestry and that is why many tighearnachs adopt their names. This tradition cause limitation to the choices of Tighearnachs original name. Thus they added a second name which serves as a surname. This surname may be derived from a nickname, characteristic, job, thing, a relative or an accomplishment which will emphasize the individual. However other Tighearnachs, especially at the Desert Continent, have begun adapting different names deriving from the other races due to their contact to them.