Constructed Mythology


The Greatest Kingdom of Men, Thralindâr is located in the very center of Dynir. It is a peaceful nation however it maintains a strong military; Thralindâr may love peace but its neighbours do not. Preach peace, teach violence.


Tharildâr is governed by a High King. Although technically head of state, the High King has less power overall than his Council of Nobles. The Council of Nobles is made up of all the gentry within Thralindâr as well as the leaders of the various orders of knights and the leaders of the guilds. The Council of Nobles is divided in two, one council within the other. The lower council includes all the members from the lowest to the highest and is known simply by the name of the collective. There is, however, a second, more select council within this. it is known as the Council of Earls and is open only to the most influential members of the Council of Nobles. This is where the biggest decisions are made.


The People of Thralindâr are a light-skinned race of men. They typically have brown or black hair and stand around 6' 4" tall, taller than the men of the Sarnaph. They are a proud, peace-loving race adept, however, at the arts of the warrior and archer. Due to their ancestry from the people of Kalgath Iras many Thraläns are able to use at least basic magic, if only to heal their most minor of wounds. Most do not learn much, only the most basic of skills but those found to be naturally skilled at wytchcraft and at magick are taught by learned scholars the basics of the way of the mage . Those that complete this and are found worthy are apprenticed to a mage.

Provinces and localised governments[]

Thralindâr is divided into three parts. The North - Asaynalath - the central region - the Ristarlath - and the south - the Eberulath.