Constructed Mythology

Kalthazar is a kingdom and loose federation in the Southern Tip of Hurghenn Land in the mythical continent of Coramorania. The dominant and sapient species include the humans, elves, gnomes, and dwarves. Pygmies are humans. Kalthazaroits have one full armed forces called the Kalthazaroit Liberal Military (KLM). The Imperial Navy, Army, and Dragon Force are the service branches. These people fight off the Dark Army, Amarethean Migrant's Force, and the Nomadic marines of the Elven Lands. Elephant Riders or Svattvatts Cavalry cover the Plateaus while infantry fight off reinforcements in enemy territory.


The Kalthazaroit nation formed before humans of Earth evolved. Humans of the Coramoranian Utopia were living with the elves, dragons, demons, and creatures that coexisted with them. Many rural and hamlet areas cover this fictional world. Kalthazar is actually made up of twenty-nine different provinces.


The main gods of this realm include the heroic god named Coramorus, storm goddess named Saradevi, river god named Oraedeus and evil spirit named Dalkthar. Legend has it that Coramous and Saradevi had ten children who became the sun, moon, stars, thought, and people. Kalthazaroit dictator, Adolfo Gerhmanndalf banned religious teaching and in response, gods and humanity went to war with the dark spirits. Dalkthar killed Coramorus and his children weaped for him causing rain, sat on the sky causing clouds, their screams and yells caused thunder, and their hatred caused lightning. This was the polytheistic religion of the human realms while many other elves are Thervadan Buddhist.


Some races and species of Kalthazar include the humans of the North, elves of Alf Heim in the East, the dragons and other predators in the West, and the dark spirits in the South. The humans or "kalthazaroits" are the most powerful and wealthy of the people here and have their own armies and confederacies. The Province of Fuhrgendalf is the largest of these. Ying Xaoqung is the Emperor of Kalthazar and he is an elf of the Eastern Province called Alf Heim. Dark spirits are mainly "grim reapers" and banshees and have no souls. The predators are mysterious and live in the Walled Sand Forest of Western Kalthazar.

Relevant Places[]

Since the official religion of Kalthazar is Theravadan Buddhism, many monasteries and temples are built here. The Largest is Dalfenborg Cathedral in Fuhrgendalf. Zangtarktaktar Temple in the Elven Lands is small and is near the ancient bridge to the mystical countries of Revestania and Magickistan.


Kalthazaroits are always either at war with bordering nations like the Amarethean Empire or the Dark Spirit Lands. Heracolus was a great hero during the conflict when the Amarethean Sun Riders attacked the Zangtarktaktar Temple and the elves were killed too. The saga of Odysseus' Exodus and the Ten Sons Myth are always spoken here.