Constructed Mythology
Three Kingdoms War


While not exactly the largest or longest war on the Continent, the three kingdoms war was by far one of the most influential. Had the Haram not defeated the Katarians and Krideans the world could be very different.


After the fall of the Goblin-Empire most powerful magics and weapons were unknown to all three kingdoms so this war was fought on a very small scale. Simple magics used to "buff up" Swords and spears were used but long range magical bombardments were a thing of the past and future. Very little Cavalry was used due to the post-fall carnage, the Haram were the only nation to fully utilise the advantge of cavalry at the Battle of the Copper plains.


3.5 B.F.- 2 B.F.

For the First month of the war the combatants sat about, waiting for a move. The Haram, making a preemtive strike, quickly overwhelmed the suprised Krideans and took their lands in under a week. The Katarians, at about the same time moved into modern Avon and took it for their own. Now both sides were on even ground and a long stalemate began. It lasted almost five months, until the Haram launched a massive offensive smashing past the heavy Katarian defenses, and penetrating its core.

Both sides met on the Copper plains, only miles away from the Katarian Capital. A huge battle ensued and the Haram general managed to flank his opponent with his cavalry and make a charge at his rear. The Katarians, attacked from two sides, broke and routed, fleeing the field in dismay. Once the victorious army arrived in front of their city, the Katarians surrendred and so the War ended. Both Katar and Kridea became Haram provinces and remain so to this day.

After effects:[]

With the collapse of its two greatest enemies the Haram transformed from a Kingdom to an Empire, the Haram rapidly expanded outwards and the Expansion Years began.

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