Constructed Mythology

The Sphere is a general term for the residents of Lorthnorva when addressing the world that they are living in. The term was first used by Maetes Salzeo who, uncovered the old relic, Nihiron's Earthen Scroll that illustrated the world they are living in as a ball-shaped object floating in the Emptiness. After the arrival of Lorthnovan colonists at Terranell, they began to teach others about the term, and slowly became rather famous throughout the whole continent.

Continents of The Sphere[]


The "Young Realm", Teranel is said to be the youngest realm on the Sphere, said to have been raised up by the An'Khali in Jaekharan mythology to contain Andaemus and his creation, Vahlopheus the Devourer. Teranel was surrounded on all sides by the Sapphire Divide. Teranel is also enclosed by both Aphomore and Lorthnorva. In Jaekharan mythology, Teranel was first occupied by the Jaekharans, survivors of Andaemus' treachery from Aphomore. The natives, raised along with Teranel was then instructed by the Jaekharans in the Art of Sorcery but then one individual, Abeouron, awakened Vahlopheus on Pheus'Amar and soon Vahlopheus proceeded to destroy much of Jaekhara. After the Dark Age, Teranel was colonized by colonials from Lorthnorva.


The "Old Realm", Aphomore is the oldest realm on the Sphere. Aphomore was the first continent raised by the An'Khali and was a favorite work of Andalius, the An'Khali's leader. When Andaemus created Vahlopheus, the continent of Aphomore was annihilated by Vahlopheus the Devourer.After Andaemus was subdued and Vahlopheus sealed, the remaining An'Khali raised Teranel to imprison Vahlopheus and Andaemus. Most of the mortal denizens of Aphomore were sent to Teranel, as Jaekharan to be wardens over Andaemus and Vahlopheus. Sapphire Divide was said have been infused with sorcery by the An'Khali to prevent followers of Andaemus to cross the Divide to help Andaemus and Vahlopheus escape.


Lorthnorva is the home to the elves. Lorthnorvans are famous for their advanced technolgies, dwarfing any other races on the Ball when it comes to technology. Lorthnorva is the smallest continent on the Ball, but its the continent with the most natural resources.


Oroken is the continent said to be raised up by Escaron, the Deity itself after finishing the creation of Deity's Core. Oroken is the biggest continent on the Ball, also the most rural one, with little to no inhabitans on its soils. Lorthnorvan researchers speculated that Nihiron, the Legendary Sage came from Oroken.