Constructed Mythology
The Reflected Worlds

Fable 2 reflection

Deucalion - Noah
Ancient Races: Dragons - Oni - Titans - Serpentine - Feyry - Nix

Usurper Races: Humans - Nephilim - Hellwrought - Drakons - Moroi - Dracnae

Minor Races: Urghs - Leprechauns - Automans
Prologue: The Broken Seal - Chapter One: The Arrival - Chapter Two: Acceptance - Chapter Three: The Warriors That Stalk The Dark
Deucalion Gods
Ouroboros - Gaea - Kronos - Loki - Helios - Utnapishtim
Noahic Gods
All-Father - Lady Almercia - Myrddyn - Satan - Apollo - Azrael
Alexander Lugh, Benjamin Walker, Cyroven, Kain Al'Daein, Erion, Alucard Lugh

The Reflected Worlds is a story revolving around the young hero Alexander as he struggles to adopt when he is thrust into a mirror of his world, only with magic. As he deals with the challenges this new world has to offer, he must also unveil secrets that have been long kept hidden for eons. Secrets that, in the wrong hands, could start the long fabled "Great Destruction".

Important Terms[]

There are several important terms for this story, including the following:

  • Worlds: In this reality there are two worlds that rest upon each other, Deucalion and Noah. They are like two sides of the same coin, both alike and different. The main difference is where Deucalion has evolved with magic, Noah has evolved with technology. As a result, the worlds were often at tension with each other.
  • The Seal of Ouroboros: A seal that separated Deucalion and Noah from each other. It was created by the gods long ago to prevent the two worlds from massacring each other in warfare. It can only be broken in Noah by a child of magic, a.k.a. a being born in Deucalion, while in Deucalion the seal can only be broken by a child of metal, a.k.a. a being born in Noah.


Alexander Lugh: A 17 year old boy of Noahic origins, he has recently did something he has no comprehension of, and the repercussions of his actions will come back to him very soon.

Alucard Lugh: A 17 year old boy of Deucalion origins, he searches for a powerful artifact while being chased by a group known as the Shadowknights.


Prologue: The Broken Seal

Chapter One: Unprecedented Consequences

Chapter Two: Acceptance

Chapter Three: The Warriors That Stalk The Dark