Constructed Mythology

The Pleiades, known also as Hesperides and Anisutsa, are the daughters of the Titan Atlas and nymph Pleione. The guard the golden apples of the gods with their Norse counterpart Idunn. Legend has it that the Pleiades were persued by the hunter Orion and first turned into doves and then stars by Zeus to escape Orion.


Original Order

    • Maia
    • Electra
    • Taygete
    • Alcyone
    • Celaeno/Kelane
    • Sterope/Asterope
    • Merope

My Order

    • Alcyone
    • Asterope
    • Electra
    • Merope
    • Kelane
    • Taygete
    • Maia


Alcyone is the eldest of the Pleiades sisters. She likes to think of herself as the mature and sensible one. She tends to over-react in certain situations, most often concerning Kelane. Alcyone is also the mother of Hyrieus by Poseidon.

Birthday: February 7th Ability: Bend Mortals to her will.



Asterope is the second born of the Pleiades girls. She's what she calls a "Glamor Girl." She'd never be caught dead in last year's fashions. Her favorite sister is Merope. Asterope is also the mother of Denomaus by Ares.

Birthday: June 14th Ability: Control of textiles.



Electra is Merope's twin sister and likes that no one outside the family knows this. While not as stylish as Asterope, Electra likes to inject some style into her wardrobe. She is also the mother of Dardanus and Iasion by Zeus.

Birthday: November 12th Ability: Talking to animals.



Merope is Electra's twin sister, but other than that, has nothing in common with her twin. Merope would much rather hang out with Asterope and go shopping for new clothes. She is also the mother of Glaucus by Sisyphus.

Birthday: November 12th Ability: Talking to animals.



Kelane enjoys driving Alcyone up a wall. Her style is punk-ish and somewhat grungy. She would rather hang out with her friends than be at home with her family. Kelane is a lesbian and absolutely hates Sigrun of the Valkyries. She is also the mother of Lycus by Poseidon.

Birthday: May 7th Ability: Control over the weather.



Taygete is the Tomboy sister. She mostly plays video games and watches movies. She especially likes watching fantasy movies because she thinks they're ridiculous. Taygete is also the mother of Lacedaemon by Zeus.

Birthday: October 7th Ability: Telekinesis



Maia is the youngest and most spoiled of the Pleiades sisters. She often tries to imitate, with an over-abundance of frills, Alcyone. Everyone who meets Maia adores her because she's so cute. Maia is also the mother of Hermes by Zeus.

Birthday: April 20th Ability: Talking to plants.


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