Constructed Mythology

The Otherside is a sort of dimension running almost parallel to the Human World.


The Otherside is a parallel dimension to the Human World. They both have the same timeline and share the same structures, but the appearance of these structures differ depending on whether you are in the Human World or The Otherside. Also, any being in The Otherside is invisible, inaudible, and intangible to those in the Human World, but they can see and hear those in the Human World.

All magical beings have the ability to cross from the Human World to The Otherside, and back again, at will. Humans, however, are a completely different story. Once humans enter The Otherside, they are stuck unless they go to Kintaria and enter back into the Human World via Crossing Point or Door.

Humans enter The Otherside when they break an unspoken law (ie. ding-dong-ditching old houses no one appears to live in). Those humans who end up in The Otherside disappear completely from existence in the Human World but can be returned to their prior existence if they manage to get back.

Otherside Companions[]

Each and every being that crosses over to The Otherside "gains" an Otherside Companion. The Companions are always some type of animal.

Otherside Companions act as guides to The Otherside and are inexorably linked with their respective being. Otherside Companpions take a different animal shape depending on the species of their being. These shapes can change if the species of the being changes (ie. Human to Vampire), but the Companion will always have the same name and personality. Some beings come with Otherside Companions that are able to shapeshift within their shape's Species (ie. Cat to Tiger, Dog to Wolf, etc.) if needed.

Those who possess Familiars outside of The Otherside have those Familiars replaced by the Otherside Companion. The Companion performs the additional duties of the Familiar as well as their Companion duties.

Species Otherside Companion List[]

  • Human - Cat
  • Vampire - Shifting Cat
  • Sorcerer/Sorceress - Dog
  • Witch/Warlock - Capuchin Monkey
  • Elf - Bird of Prey (usually in the hawk family)
  • Fae - Song Bird
  • Shapeshifters - Same as secondary form
  • Lycanthropes - Same as secondary form

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