Constructed Mythology

The Other World is an original story that tells of an epic adventure about the four young sixteen year old boys that are destined to save the other world.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies an unplottable continent hidden from the human world called Epitomia. A place where magic, power, and mystery is everywhere. This magical hidden continent is divided into five territories,: namely, the Eastern Farieya, Western Triawebugia, the Northern Hragnia, the Southern Treluaphia, and the Central Plains of Aeternam.


Major Characters[]

  • Kaif Yolear - leader of the group, is the guardian of fire.
  • Garbie Wutt - is the guardian of water.
  • Rhan Niagi - is the guardian of air.
  • Ayer Thatu - is the guardian of earth.
  • Princess Inoah - is the keeper of the heart of Epitomia.
  • Elder Enirad - is the Great Teacher of Epitomia


  • Dark Meda - was once a good friend of Elder Enirad but because of his greediness and great want to rule the Epitomia, he sold his soul to Ferrarum, king of darkness, and possessed a great skill in dark acts.
  • Aurora - the dark nemistress of Farieya and is the love interest of Dark Meda. She has the ability to shot fireball from her eyes and has a glowing flame for a hair. She dried the oasis of the place as one of the dark acts.
  • Prince Frozo - the the dark nemister of Triawebugia and the father of Garbie Wutt. He has the power to turn everything he touches into snow, thus he froze the whole Sea of Lacrima and covered the whole island with snow as one of the dark acts.
  • Eurikah - the dark nemistress of Hragnia. She is able to control storm, hurricane, tornado, and the like. She created four pillars of tornado around the island as one of the dark acts.
  • Chieftain Luku-luku - the dark nemister of Treluaphia and is the chieftain of the Wan-bu tribe. He has the power to create earthquakes using his giant woodden mallet. He divided the land into two and causes landslide every now and then as one of the dark acts.


Four sixteen-year old boys were called to be the guardians of the elements and defeat the dark master, Dark Meda. The whole story is full of adventures, fun, and tragedies.

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