Constructed Mythology

No one knows how it formed, or how long its been there. It just is. Scholars theorize that a titanic volcanic eruption occurred, and quickly cooled creating the mountains and hills of The Obsidian Mountain Range that dominate the landscape yet how this was achieved is unknown. Theoretically this area would be a perfect place for mining, bandits and even fortresses yet two things have kept humans out over the centuries. One, the obvious lack of food, tillable soil and rain limiting any civilization to rely on supply caravans every month or so. The second is much more fearsome than any environment can be. The Obsidian Mountain range is the home of The Demons. Dubbed thus by the civilized nations of the world for their flaming appearance and great height; no one wants to get into a fight with these impossibly hot creatures. Just like the area from whence they come, their formation is also mysterious. It is suggested that they spawn out of the lava, or even morph out of each other. Anyhow while sentient, the Demons have never had exactly a friendly relationship with the Haram or for that matter, any outsiders. Beginning with the Asaril invasion into the mountains and ending with the incineration of the only human village within the range, each race has a significant distrust with the other. The Obsidian Mountain range continues to exist, unchanging as the rest of the world turns around it.

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