Constructed Mythology

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Avaraks are humanoid in form, with lizardlike scales and a toadlike head. They love the shimmer of gold and gems, and will store valuable items in their chin pouches. They are semi-intelligent, capable of speaking simple words and trading for shiny items. However, they have no grasp of the value of items and can be easily swindled.

Corpse Maggot[]

Corpse maggots are long, white worms with lamprey-like mouths surrounded by small tentacles. The eggs hatch inside a corpse. When the eggs hatch, the newborn larvae grow for a few days. Once they have grown larger, they fight to the death. The winner will eat the losers' corpses, spending the rest of its childhood in the corpse. Once it is fully grown, it goes out in search of a mate. Once it finds one, they find a fresh corpse, climb through it's mouth into its stomach, and mate, laying eggs inside the corpse. Then they die, to be eaten by their children.


Coryl are peaceful, herbivorous beasts. Their hairless flesh is translucent. Eight tentacles surround their mouths, used for eating.


Darklings are unnatural fiends created when Twicefallen fall into the Fathoms enough times (about five). Darklings vary in form, but they usually have at least four legs. They are about five times as tall as humans. Tentacles sprout form their bony heads, which they use to grapple their enemies. Their forms shrouded in black cloth and bone plates.


Sandscuttlers are crablike creatures that live on beaches. They are about a foot long.They bury their eggs under sand, to hide them from predators. When they hatch, they climb out of the sand and towards the ocean, where they remain for the next few months of their life.


Shorestalkers are aquatic predators that lurk in shallow water until prey comes near. Then, they lunge, dragging their prey underwater. They are feline in appearance, with oily black skin and gills. They can remain on land for minutes at a time and are cunning hunters.