Constructed Mythology

The Ivral and Asaril were two groups of Haram mages united in their exploration and use of certian magics.

The Two Guilds[]

During the Expansion years, the Haram were composed of three factions: The normal Haram, The Ivral and the Asaril. The Ivral used fire magic and explored Dark magic as the predecessors of the Ivral'thren. The Asaril were the opposite branch from the Ivral, practicing both Water and Light magic.

Upon the outbreak of The Haram War both Ivral and Asaril were distributed to Imperial Section (100 men) as magical support. While many perished in this conflict, both guilds gained themselves renown and prestige, as well as the confidence to make bigger and bolder steps into the world stage.

The Asaril were destroyed in the conflict found below.

The Ivral on the other hand were so confident of their magical ability, that they claimed to have mastered the ability to bring The Haram War to a final, definite and overall victorious end. The Emperor saw no reason to mistrust them and so the spell was cast. No one knows what should have happened that day, only what did. The Imperial Homeland, not their enemies, was desolated. The soil turned to sand, lakes dried up and the plant life died in months. The Empire had lost its heart but the Emperor had almost lost his mind. He exiled them forever.They added -thren as a suffix, meaning "scorned". Thus, the Ivral-scorned. Eventually its meaning was forgotten, and it became part of the name.

The Sealing of the Demons[]


Demon Vs, Asaril

At this point, the Demons were a much more peaceful race. Able to stray from mountains without weakening, many wandered the world. The Haram, however, were uncomfortable with a powerful neighbor. The Emperor considered moving against them, but his advisors warned him that even all 40 legions couldn't defeat them. Yet the entire force of the Asaril took matters into their own hands, mounting an assault on the Demons. The Demons destroyed most of the Asaril, but one of their leaders, Avran, remained. He and a handful of loyal Asaril beat their foe back into the center of the mountains. There, the greatest warrior of the demons, Tharis, halted their advance, killing all of the Remaining Asaril but Avran. Tharis attacked him too, weakening him significantly, but he was mortally wounded when Avran ran him through with a blade of ice. Proceeding to single-handedly back the demons into their tower, he realized he was too weak to defeat them. Instead, taking the energy from his dying comrades, he sealed the Demons into the magma from whence they came. There they remained until the coming of Stak. Avran, having completed this last feat, died, and the Asaril were ended forever.