Constructed Mythology


This barren land once gave birth to the greatest Empire ever seen. It was once a beautiful place, with abundant plant life and rolling hills. During the long and bloody Haram War; the Ivral, in an attempt to deal an overwhelming blow to their enemies created a spell which backfired. It wiped the earth flat and left only fine sand for miles. The area is still lived in by the Haram and they have made efforts to re-landscape the places within their cities.


The Haram Desert consists of miles and miles of sand. When the Ivral spell backfired, the once fertile soil was replaced with hot, dry sand. With no solid ground for hundreds of meters down, all water sinks through the sand to that level. The Desert is mostly devoid of plant life except for the occasional lone cactus. While much of it is barren, the Haram Desert sports the largest population centers in the world.

The Haram have made efforts to ignore the barren landscape around them and have proceeded to dredge silt from the River of Infinity Delta. This was then placed within the City walls to create places to have gardens and parks.