Constructed Mythology
Central Kale Granite Mountains

The Granite Mountains and Twin Forests.

One of the tallest mountain ranges to be found on Kaile, the granite mountain range completely encircles The Twin Forests as well as the lake and river between them. These mountains serve as a major barrier for all trade and travel between the Elven cities and the Haram Empire. Only two passes are available through the mountains, one of which is quite dangerous. "The Pass of Despair" which discovered by Evestin Tir'Sen about half way through The Haram War is the highest of the two passes and is constantly battered by wind and snow. The other, known as "The Pass of Elluth" is the location of all Haram-Elven travel and is significantly lower than "The Pass of Despair" leaving it cold, but traversable. The only current settlement in this area is Mizzenguard situated overlooking "The Pass of Despair".


Mostly Granite with some other rocks and minerals.


(Unknown to Kailean Civilization) Formed when one continental plate crashed into the mainland millions of years ago.