Constructed Mythology

The Goblin Empire is one of the most mysterious parts of Kailean History . Before The Haram Empire, this nation ruled most of the explored World, even stretching into Hinror and the Forgotten Continent . While it was powerful and its people well learned, few texts survive to this day and the stories of such times are stretched beyond belief. A few things are certain though; the Goblin Empire attributed its power to its technologies. The old Empire created mixes of machine and animal never before seen or replicated. All modern Goblin attempts to re-create this art went astray and any hopes of reviving them are small due to the raging Goblin Civil War . The Goblins believed they were superior to the other races and looked down upon them. While not enslaved Humans were forced to the bottom of society and were considered little more than a source of cheap labour. Though with the loss of Duskanian Ore and the named land's collapse the Goblin Empire began to waver. While corruption ate the empire from the inside and rebellions stung it from the outside, the Goblins remained superior. Eventually the whole system collapsed and the Humans successfully rebelled. The seeds were sown for the coming of an Empire, possibly greater than its predecessor.


Some sort of sovereign, little else is clear.


Tales speak of the Billions


consisted of conscripts and bio-mechanical creations.