Constructed Mythology
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By far the most nomadic and independent people on Kaile, the Duskan flourish in the harsh climate of their homeland. Originally settled only by criminals and outcasts Duskania remained one of the least civilized and uncharted locations on Kaile. Eventually these groups formed a loose confederation of tribes, the remaining undesirables were driven out, and and a strong clan leadership system was established. Over time these primitive tribes flourished and so the people of Duskania became known as the Duskan after the place where they reside.

A little after this point, Duskania was invaded by The Haram Empire who claimed ownership of it and were interested in mining possibilities in the area. Faced with 4 legions of Haram troops (Approx. 400,000 men) the Duskan didn't even attempt to fight as "order" was brought to Duskania. The city of Yulan was quickly erected and a provincial magistrate installed to keep an eye on the populace. Two legions departed north for Kridea and the other two attempted to help in the large ore prospecting project underway.

As it so happened no ore could be found except remains of massive mines which confirmed the legends about Duskania's formation and its relation to The Goblin Empire.So another legion left along with a Regiment of the other, leaving only 50,000 men in the area; barely enough to even secure it. As the world moved into The Haram War Era, and fighting broke out across the continent, Duskania was simply abandoned by the Empire as it called all of its forces towards the front lines of what would become a fifteen year war.

With the Magistrate gone, the chiefs reestablished control.


Unknown, estimated in the low-hundred thousands.


The Duskan are separated into clans whom tolerate each other but usually compete over food and water. clan wars can occur but many are ended with a quick duel before the destruction can damage this fragile system. While the Haram ruled the region, they installed a provincial magistrate whom relied on the clan leaders for advice.

Allies and enemies:[]

None and all, no political relations ever officially conducted.

Major accomplishments and deeds:[]

Battled a Dragon incursion into their lands during the Haram war. If this force had been allowed to pass the Haram would have lost the war.

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