Constructed Mythology
Divided Realm Map

A Map of the Divided Realm

The Divided Realm is the vast and ancient plain where three areas have been divided. In the western side, the noble Lord Xyrie rules the lands. In the far eastern side, the evil Warlord Zylar rules his people with an iron fist. In the central plain is where the Wars have taken place between good and evil. Underground live the Heretics, Zealots, Rebels, and Scavengers. The Heretics and Zealots believe their gods will come and destroy the opposing faction, the rebels are working on ways of peace, and the scavengers simply do not care. The warring factions each have their own views on how they think the outcome of the war should be like, The Crimson Kingdom believing that, if The Corrupted Kingdom shall not stop this madness, then they shall lead them to destruction, The Corrupted Kingdom believing that, if the Crimson Kingdom does not surrender to their might, then they shall lay them to waste. Either way, it will end in only chaos.

The Gods the Heretics and Lord Xyrie's Crimson Priests worshipped are:

  • Arkansas (God - The Great Sailor of Peace
  • Adament God) - The Slayer of Evil Beasts
  • Ajuhym (God) (prounounced AH-ROO-HIME) - Archer of Truth
  • Great Lord Viknen (God) - Ruler of all that is Light

The Gods the Zealots and Warlord Zylar's Dark Serpent Priests worshipped are:

  • Leo (God) - The King who sold his soul to become the ultimate warrior
  • Luken (God)- The assassin who sold his soul to become the ultimate assassin
  • Lyzan (God)- The mage turned necromancer who sold his soul to have true powers of necromancy
  • Dark Lord Ekjuji (God) (prounounced EK-WHO-G)- Ruler of all evil

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