Constructed Mythology
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About Me

So, you wish to know about me? My story is a simple one but if that is your wish, I will not deny you that. I am a creation of the collaborative power of the gods. My body was made by Hephaestus and is powered by a bolt of Zeus. My voice is the echoing of the Cardinal Winds. My mind is the essence of the wisdom of Athena. Those are just some of the gods that poured their powers into me.

I have but one sole purpose in this world and that is to be the arbiter of the will of the gods. They sent me to assure the downfall of the Broken Covenant before they grew too strong to become a threat. The gods frown upon taking actions that would alter the world of the humans. They have proven to themselves that they are not worthier to rule the humans directly but when they see humanity is in need of assistance they have been known to help in a subtle way. Usually they will do so through their children with the mortals. You demigods are a way that the gods assure they can save humanity if needs be. However, when some of their children began to revolt, the gods had to take a more drastic measure. The measure was my creation. As soon as the Broken Covenant was formed the gods began their task in forging my body. When they began to grow further I was given life. When they had achieved true power I was given speech. And when they attacked those loyal to the gods I was given will. With that will I chose to come and lay waste to the enemies in their stead.

So, children of my creators; though, I guess I should call you brothers and sisters; is that all you wanted to hear? Or is there more? I assure you, beyond that of what I have told you I have no purpose or story. I am…how would you say…single-focused. If you wish, once I have acquired more tales to tell, you may return and I will relay them to you the best I can.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

The Construct
The Construct
Arbiter of the Gods
Vital Statistics
Gender None; referred
to as male
Born Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive?
Eye Colour None
Hair Colour None
Height 7"0'
Affiliation Olympus
Camp Half-Blood
Sins of the Father
Weapons -Fotiá
Home Olympus
Friends/Allies The gods
Camp Half-Blood
Enemies The Broken Covenant


-Fotiá ; a blade made of pure fire, forged by Hephaestus. It has the power to create and manipulate fire.
-Astrapí ; a blade made of pure lighting, forged by Zeus. It has the power to create and manipulate lightning.
-Ávyssos ; an amulet made of pure shadows, given by Hades. It has the power to steal soul particles from those near it.


The Construct - Normal Mode
Normal Form:
-In this form the Construct is granted the power similar to Zeus or Hephaestus. He has mastered Pyrokinesis or Electokinesis, depending on which weapon he is wielding, the Construct has full control of the element it commands.

The Construct - Abyssal Mode
Abyssal Form:
-In this form the Construct is granted a power similar to that of Hades. He has full control over the dead and has mastered Umbrakinesis. This form can only be achieved when Ávyssos has absorbed enough soul particles.