Constructed Mythology

Discovered by Imperial colonists searching for far off lands, the Colony Isles were discovered after a violent storm crashed most of the fleet leaving only two sea worthy ships. Today the Colony Island Chain serves as a key trading port for travelers and merchants coming not only from the Buskan isles, but also the elves and the warring Goblin factions. During the Haram War the Elves invaded the Colony Isles and took all but one heavily fortified Island. The Buskan sent a force to delay Elven reinforcements at Staliska which allowed help to arrive from Rivengard. The Isles were also taken hostage by the rebellious Buskan during their war for independence. Unlike the Buskan Isles these islands were formed by Volcanic activity, fortunately only one dormant volcano remains and posed little threat to ships or settlements. If the Haram Empire plans to Colonize the Forgotten Continent the Colony Isles will be a major staging point for any going into the unknown.


Fluctuating in the lower thousands.


Haram territory. Ruled over by a Provincial Magistrate.