Constructed Mythology

The Cloudkin are the most mysterious race on Kaile. Their origins are unknown, and most people don't even know that they exist. As their name suggests, the Cloudkin make their home in the clouds above Kaile. They have the unique ability to treat clouds as solid, and form living spaces out of the cloud itself. Cloudkin also possess the ability to walk on air. The few large communities of Cloudkin exist on high cloud-peaked mountains, where the other races never venture.

Physically, Cloudkin look like normal humans, except for a few differences. Their eyes tend to be a little larger than usual, and are sometimes colored gold. These eyes are far sharper than those of humans, and can also tolerate a far greater amount of light without being blinded. To exist among the clouds, their eyes are also adapted to see the low contrast there. Some Cloudkin may occasionally sprout small feathers here and there on their bodies.

For food, the Cloudkin typically hunt birds and other flying creatures, or descend to the mainland for larger game. Due to their fast metabolisms, they need to eat a lot, and will often simply grab and eat small birds as snacks without bothering to cook or clean them. Farming is mostly out of the question.

Most Cloudkin possess very few physical possessions. Those that live on the mountaintops have some storage space, but the rest need to keep all their things attached to their own bodies. Thus, they are typically limited to a single set of clothes and a knife. Those with the skill will also carry a weapon. Anything else is generally formed directly out of the clouds, and is vaporized when no longer needed. Despite only having one change, Cloudkin usually have clean clothing due to their habit of passing water through it at regular intervals.