Constructed Mythology

The City in the Sea is one of the three cities that make up Magas Firale. Its name is derived from its most notable feature: it floats in the sea in the area around the Buskan Isles. Some buildings are linked by bridges, but for the most part canals take the place of roads. There are some boats that run along these, and residents often simply swim from place to place, unless they are carrying something that would be damaged by water.

Naturally, it takes quite a bit of power to keep the city afloat, as it is only partially buoyant. This energy is magical in nature and is drawn from the residents of the city. Each is issued a special magi-technology glove that fits on their left hand. The primary function of this glove is to draw off a certain amount of the user's magic to feed the city's core. However, to encourage use these gloves also have a wide array of special features and modifications available. The city has a library of knowledge, accessible at any time thru the glove, that is perhaps more comprehensive than any other in the world. Some information may at times be restricted to those with security clearance.

The final major function of these gloves is to channel magic. Due to the spread of the gloves beyond the population of the city itself, the city's core often has surplus power, which may then be used by wearers to perform feats beyond their own strength.

The gloves cannot be removed once they are integrated into the host's arm, but they may be temporarily dematerialized when not in use. Thanks to this convenient capability, the gloves are not considered to have any real drawbacks, and are objects of desire to most mages.