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The Chelaxos Squad is a team of Chelgeebs who run carnivals and save lives. They are famous for defeating the giant... thingy named Winker.

Chelaxos squad

The Chelaxos squad. Roland is the guy with the fancy clothes, Lilian's the orange one, Bruno's red, Elly's the pink one, mathias is green with glasses, and splipple... he's obvious.


The Chelaxos Squad has 6 members.


The self-proclaimed head of the Chelaxos Squad, Roland can seem a little self-centered and greedy at first, but the other members know his heart's in the right place. It was mainly Roland's idea to start hosting carnivals.


Roland's fiancée, Lilian is a beauty among Chelgeebs, standing taller than some Kombadombbbs. Though she doesn't often think about what she does, she means well.


A very, very muscular Chelgeeb, Bruno isn't really that intelligent, but he is ridiculously strong. He's always looking out for his teammates.


Elly is basically a total slob, though she is a pretty fun and uplifting person to be around. She's intelligent too, which has earned her a lot of respect.


The shortest of the bunch, Splipple (or Splip) is pretty adorable, though he's very mature as well. he wants a little more respect, but it can get really hard to take him seriously sometimes.


The smartest of the group, Mathias is extremely shy, but if there's a problem, he'll know what to do. Because he isn't very social, most people assume he just doesn't care.

Allies and Enemies[]

The Chelaxos squad has earned the respect of the Fubadub Allies, the Nee Legion and the Third Party, though they're currently hated by the Azuncian Alliance.


The Chelaxos squad was formed by Roland, Bruno and Splip, who were good friends from their school days. Lilian joined soon after she met Roland and Splip invited Elly, who happened to be his next door neighbor at the time. Mathias joined much later, during the fight against Winker, where he was a major help.

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