Constructed Mythology

Terivetol is a planet inhabited by lush plains in most of the areas. However, like most planets, there are some areas with abnormalities. The planet has no "evil forces" turning it into a plot device, it is simply peaceful with the only war going on being intercountry standard war.


Terivetol was born when a comet hit the star Lichante and broke off over a hundred chunks of magma. The larger ones cooled and hardened, the smaller ones faded away. Of the six planets, Terivetol is one of the four planets with life in its system, and one of the two with sentient life. Humans landed on the planet in cycle 17, phase 2 of Nachtura time. The two astronauts, a man and a woman, landed in a barren area of Sombrosque where Nachturas often frolic. They planted a flag, and a Nachtura walked up to them and demanded to know what they were doing. The astronauts, frightened, removed their flag and migrated north. The settled some 650 miles north from Sombrosque and founded what would be Princiter. Slowly, the native sapient species caught on and accepted the humans. Paisigems began to take on the appearance of humans in Terivetol Common Year 7. The current year in Terivetol is TCY 82.


The pantheon of Terivetol include:

  • Gottemante
  • Goddefue
  • Goddehie
  • Eterbelle
  • Desfeio
  • Sconodieu


The races of Terivetol include:

  • Humans
  • Nachturas
  • Paisigems
  • Cattiadas


The animals of Terivetol include:


The regions of Terivetol include:

  • Princiter
  • Sombrosque
  • Entfersta Island