Constructed Mythology

Tempest was a dark god in the in the world Grandulara.


Tempest, the god of darkness is born and the universe is filled with darkness.

The Gods War[]

Tempests reign was overthrown.

Destruction of the shard[]

58 years after the end of the Age of Darkness, Tempest used his power to destroy the remains of the spiritual bridge, which killed thousands and left hundreds more trapped on Earth.

Tempest-Elf War[]

After the destruction of the shard, the elves went to war with Tempest. When he saw the elven ships approaching his island he raised an army of golems to fight for him. After a year of fighting however, the elves led by the Archers of the Eyes finnally defeated him.


Little is known of what happened to Tempest after the war. Due to limited weaponry the elves failed to kill Tempest, and his island still remains shrouded in storm.