Constructed Mythology

part of the Orthyn realm

The telltale temples contain a vast amount of engravings on the walls and ceiling. Believed to be prophesies, these tales and depictions are subject to wide debate; as their true meaning had faded with the ages.

Although these buildings are not unusually large in size when viewed from the outside (some of them are nothing more than a decorated entrance). Below the ground their great halls and long passages stretch far and wide. An endless maze of splendor.

The people[]

The largest and most accessible temples are actively inhabited by humans. Usually a combination of banished free men and former slaves. Throughout time these people have build an underground empire of their own, which they call Unrar, the 'underearth' empire (in contrast with Odrar, the 'upon earth' empire).

Their society started blooming after the discovery of the great Effulgent Flow. In the first hall where this river enters the underground lies the capital of Unrar: Gem. From which passages and roads connect with the countless chambers. It is often claimed that the fastest way to travel is through Unrar, as it has no mountains to climb or streams to cross.

The curse[]

Upon every temple lies a dreadful curse, yet it seems a necessary evil. The temple chambers are not lit with hearths or torches, in stead the walls of the halls emit a moonlike glow and the passages connecting them a more bright and sunlike shine. This light is not free of cost, as it gets its energy from those who walk by. Slaves rarely lived past their thirties, not due to miserable circumstances but because they were, after all that time spent there, completely devoid of life.